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The Top 10 B2B Marketing Videos of 2023

Updated: Apr 19

In the dynamic realm of B2B marketing, videos have emerged as a powerful tool to convey complex ideas, demonstrate products, and humanize brands. As we reflect on 2023, several videos have set benchmarks for creativity and effectiveness. Here's a look at the top B2B marketing videos of the year, each a standout in its own right, tailored to inspire their audiences.

Creative picture of B2B marketing videos.

1. Best Storytelling: GE - "Beautiful Law"

  • GE’s “Beautiful Law” is a journey through inspiration and imagination, underscored by a compelling musical score. It leaves viewers with a hopeful vision of the future, showcasing GE's commitment to innovation and progress.

2. Most Innovative Use of Technology: SAP - "AI Cat"

  • SAP’s “AI Cat” video challenges perceptions about AI's limitations with a memorable, character-driven narrative. This video positions SAP not just as a tech company, but as an innovator addressing real-world problems.

3. Best Product Explainer: Oracle Redwood

  • Oracle's Redwood video seamlessly integrates product demos into an engaging narrative. The high-quality production effectively demonstrates features in a visually captivating way.

4. Most Effective Use of Humor: HubSpot - "Q4"

  • Addressing the stress of a salesperson's Q4 with humor, HubSpot's video is both relatable and light-hearted. It's a clever way to introduce product benefits while keeping the audience entertained.

5. Most Impactful Customer Testimonial: Salesforce - Spotify Testimonial

  • Salesforce's testimonial video with Spotify effectively highlights the client's experiences and the solutions provided. It’s a direct, convincing approach that underscores the value of Salesforce's offerings.

6. Most Creative Campaign: Snowflake - Bumble Partnership

  • The Snowflake and Bumble partnership short is memorable for its fun and creative approach. The use of music and a light-hearted narrative showcases the partnership’s benefits in an entertaining way.

Snowflake and Bumble Partnership Video

7. Best Company Explainer: Nvidia - "The Engine of AI"

  • Nvidia's video, with its relatable context and nostalgic elements, effectively explains the company's evolution and future potential. It's an engaging way to connect with the audience on a personal level.

8. Best Event Promotion: Snowflake - "Gen AI"

  • Snowflake’s “Gen AI” video generates excitement and humanizes the event, effectively teasing the content and atmosphere to expect. It’s an excellent example of building anticipation for an event.

9. Best Talent Acquisition: Fiserv - "Next Career"

  • Fiserv’s career-focused video is punchy and energizing, focusing on attracting passionate individuals. The synchronization of music and visuals creates an upbeat and inviting impression.

10. Most Humanized: Open AI - GPTs

  • Open AI’s GPTs video showcases the product in everyday life scenarios. It’s a simple yet effective approach that demonstrates the technology's utility in a relatable manner.


These videos represent the pinnacle of B2B marketing in 2023. They blend storytelling, humor, and technological innovation to connect with audiences. For marketing executives, we hope these examples serve as a source of inspiration and a benchmark for what can be achieved through creative video marketing. Considering people retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text​​, it's never too soon to start considering your approach.

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