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SaaS Company Expands Into New Market

SaaS Company Uses Liquid GTM To Aid Expansion Into New Market


This fast-growing insurtech startup is renowned for its commitment to revitalizing the insurance sector, aiming to simplify, clarify, and make insurance more accessible. With a mission rooted in enhancing customer relationships and industry standards, the company recently ventured into a new market. This strategic move was led by an experienced industry executive and supported by an aggressive marketing campaign, including a significant presence at a major industry trade show.


Entering a new market brought its set of challenges for the company:

  • Engaging a novel audience and integrating them into the customer journey was complex.

  • The necessity to educate the market about their innovative customer experience platform.

  • The pressing need to create a significant impact within the market promptly.

  • The requirement for swift and efficient action to meet the set goals within limited timeframes.


In response to these challenges, the company’s executive sought the expertise of Liquid GTM. The aim was to create an engaging video to open his keynote speech at the trade show:

  • Utilizing Liquid GTM's asynchronous project management tools, the executive quickly communicated his needs.

  • Liquid GTM responded promptly, delving into the company's brand and market positioning, and delivered a comprehensive video storyboard for review within a day.

  • A refined, energetic one-minute video was developed and delivered in just three business days, requiring only minor revisions to align with the company's vision.


The video proved to be a significant asset for the company:

  • It set a dynamic tone for the executive’s presentation, capturing the audience's attention and ensuring engagement from the outset.

  • The presentation, enhanced by the video, was lauded as one of the standout moments of the trade show.

  • Beyond the event, the video continued to serve as a key marketing tool across various platforms, aiding the company in establishing a strong foothold in the new market.


The collaboration with Liquid GTM led to a transformative approach in the company's marketing endeavors:

  • By maintaining control over their marketing strategy and specific tactics internally, while outsourcing design and video production to Liquid GTM, they cultivated a new, efficient marketing model.

  • This approach significantly amplified their content output, ensuring high-quality deliverables with optimal resource allocation.

  • The inclusion of striking visuals in various materials—brochures, white papers, case studies, social media posts, advertising, and sales presentations—markedly enhanced engagement in the new market, distinguishing the company from its competitors and underscoring the value of a targeted, visually-driven marketing strategy.

Customer Feedback

"Liquid GTM really is an incredible service: as a startup, we don’t have time for a lot of back and forth meetings and reviews, we need to move quickly and brilliantly. With Liquid GTM, we have a partner that is on our page, produces incredible graphic designs and videos and moves even faster than we do. The ROI is 10x higher than hiring an employee to cover these responsibilities."

— Senior Executive, 20+ Years Industry Experience

SaaS Company Uses Liquid GTM To Aid Expansion Into New Market


This company represents a notable success, yet it is just one example of the transformative impact Liquid GTM offers. Businesses committed to enhancing their marketing through superior design and video production will find substantial value in a subscription to Liquid GTM.

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