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Manufacturer Engages New Personas

Global Manufacturer Leverages Liquid GTM to Help Engage New Personas


This global manufacturing intelligence company, having been a trailblazer in industrial technology, has been revolutionizing the measuring technology and geospatial tool sector since its inception in the early 1990's. With its headquarters in Europe, they have grown to employ over 24,000 people globally. Their expansive portfolio includes over 50 notable subsidiaries. The company generates nearly $6 billion in revenue annually, showcasing its significant impact on the industry.


This company's field marketing group, pivotal in supporting a robust 2B+ ARR US business, faced multifaceted marketing challenges:

  1. Diversifying their target audience to include management roles, in addition to engineers.

  2. Shifting focus from product-centric to solution-oriented marketing.

  3. Keeping pace with the rapid evolution of the business and market demands.

  4. Upholding the integrity and recognition of the company's global brand.

  5. Repurposing content efficiently to maintain market awareness and comprehension of their value proposition.


In their quest for excellence, the company's field marketing group partnered with Liquid GTM, drawn by their:

  1. Expertise in crafting premium content,

  2. Agile delivery timelines promising 1-2 business days for most outputs,

  3. Asynchronous workflow facilitating seamless interactions,

  4. Unlimited request model and subscription-based pricing, enhancing value and financial predictability.

This strategic move was unanimously embraced by the three vertical marketing groups within the US division, who decided to collectively leverage the subscription, maximizing benefits for all.


The integration of Liquid GTM’s asynchronous working model was smooth and immediately fruitful for the company:

  • In the first month, the company received seven videos, totaling over 10 production minutes, covering a range of content from thought leadership to promotional content.

  • Additionally, four detailed graphic designs were delivered, enhancing social media and sales engagement with the market.


The collaboration with Liquid GTM marked a significant uplift in the company's marketing capabilities:

  • The sales and product marketing teams were notably impressed by the quality and precision of the content produced, exceeding the high expectations of seasoned professionals.

  • A promotional video crafted by Liquid GTM propelled a company webinar to exceed its registration target by 15%.

  • Crucially, the company succeeded in repurposing content across videos and graphics, effectively engaging their newly targeted personas and earning praise from internal stakeholders for their innovative approach.

Customer Feedback

“Liquid GTM blew us away with their speed and high-quality work. I love how I can just enter a request in Trello and a couple days later a polished deliverable is sent to me. We will be leveraging this service further across our organization for sure!”

— Senior Marketing Executive, 20+ Years in Company Leadership

Global Manufacturer Leverages Liquid GTM to Help Engage New Personas


This company represents a notable success, yet it is just one example of the transformative impact Liquid GTM offers. Businesses committed to enhancing their marketing through superior design and video production will find substantial value in a subscription to Liquid GTM.

Special Offer

Schedule a 15-minute consultation with our founder, Phil Alampi, to explore how Liquid GTM can immediately contribute to achieving your objectives. As a token of appreciation, we’ll provide a complimentary video or graphic design, even if you decide it’s not the right time for you. Don’t miss out – secure your slot today and let's create something amazing together!

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